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How to control and limit data usage when sharing an Internet connection

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 | Expo | Uncategorized

Nowadays we love staying connected because it is the current way of communicating and being up to date. However, this is not always possible due to different reasons. One of said reasons is that the data plan has been exhausted or that we are abroad without a valid SIM card. Oftentimes, users have to share their friends or family’s Internet connection, which is useful and simple. The problem arises when the other person goes overboard and uses a lot of data. In this article, we are going to explain how to control data usage.

Controlling data usage when sharing the connection

We can recognize our device and its data usage to control how much we spend on our Internet connection. However, it is not easy to limit or control data usage when we share our connection with a relative or a friend. It might happen that the phone with which we share the connection has some kind of malware that consumes a lot of data in the background.

Therefore, it is convenient to check if there is something weird going on once we share our connection. The best option is to check how much is really being consumed. For that, we have to go to the right feature. Doing so in Android is easy. We just have to go to Settings, tap Connections, look for Data usage and see Mobile data consumption.

There we will be able to see how much of our data plan we have consumed over the month. Each app shows the total monthly data consumption. This is a way to have some control over what we do, therefore reducing data consumption to prevent our plan from being exhausted early. We can also tap Tethering & portable hotspot to see if we are consuming more that we would want to.

Limiting data usage

We will be able to see how much data is being consumed when sharing the connection, but how can we limit that? Maybe that is what users want to know the most about.

We have an easy and quick way to do it. We just have to go back to Settings > Mobile data > Set mobile data limit. We can also just set an alert. We have to do this taking into account what we have already consumed over the month. We will get a notification on the Notification Panel.

For example, if we have already consumed 1.5 GB out of our 5 GB data plan but want to leave 500 MB for a shared connection, we can set the limit to 2 GB. Once the connection reaches that amount, it will disconnect itself. We can set a notification for when we reach 1.8 GB, for example.

This is an interesting native option that our Android device offers us. It is true that we will have to do the math, as it is not a clear limit to the amount of data we are sharing. However, said feature allows us to avoid being afraid when we decide to share our connection with a relative or a friend, as we will be able to control how much data will be consumed.