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Manage your Stream account login with this new feature

Monday, July 23rd, 2018 | Expo | Uncategorized

If we like videogames, then we must already know and use Steam, the world’s biggest digital game distributor. It has millions of registered users, especially now thanks to the Steam Summer Sale 2018. The longer we use our account and the more content and games we buy, the more valuable our account becomes, so it is necessary to protect it well to prevent hackers from taking over and buying content with our associated card to send it to their accounts, which is even worse.

To protect Steam, we can use the typical basic security measures found on any other online account like a secure password that cannot be easily guessed or hacked to avoid data theft. Another measure is to use a two-step verification system to prevent hackers from login into your account if they do not have the respective code in case they manage to get your login data. Additionally, it is really important to beware of third-party websites that we use to connect to our Steam accounts, as we will be creating access tokens that could be easily used to access our account.

Besides these basic security measures, we can take advantage of the new features Valve recently added to its platform, allowing us to see how much money we have spent on the store, for example. Valve has also included a new option that shows us a history of every time we have logged into the platform.

How to manage our Steam account login

Thank to this new feature, we will be able to see each time we have logged into Steam and the time we have been connected to the platform. We will also be able to know the OS used when we logged in and our location, so we can easily spot any possible fraudulent logins.

To see this, we just have to click this link and log into our Steam account if we have not done so already. As we have said, we will be able to see our entire recent login history, the logoff time and our location.

Besides the basic security measures we mentioned above, we will be able to manage all of our account’s logins thanks to this new feature. If we detect anything suspicious going on, the best thing would be to check our account’s security measures, change our password and see if the two-step verification is properly enabled.

Several security measures like this one have been included on Steam thanks the new GDPR. Said measures are necessary to follow the EU law on data protection.