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Mozilla puts Firefox for Android under maintenance

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018 | Expo | Uncategorized

Firefox is perhaps an alternative browser with the biggest personality among all the other browsers for Android. It uses its own rendering engine instead of being based on Chromium, Google’s web browsing standard.

According to XDA Developers, Mozilla, the non-profit organization behind Firefox, has halted active development of Firefox for Android, meaning that it will only receive fixes for bugs and threats as they are discovered. In other words, the app is under maintenance as of now.

Additionally, Android Headlines states that Mozilla has made this decision due to Fenix, a project to develop a new web browser for Android from scratch. On its GitHub repository, the company states that “Fenix is not your parent’s Android browser,” suggesting the app may be targeted at a younger, tech-savvier audience.

Is Firefox for Android a failure?

It seems Mozilla could not make Firefox for Android relevant enough, so the move could be the response to the brand’s commercial interests.

The app has never been on par with the desktop version (Windows, Linux, and Mac) despite using the same rendering engine (Quantum), not performing as well as Chrome on a lot of phones. This happens despite Firefox for Android using the same technological foundation and following the brand’s traditional commitment towards privacy.

Additionally, we cannot forget that Android has two other browsers for Android: Firefox Focus, which and focused on privacy, and Firefox Nightly, which can be considered the alpha version. We will see if Fenix ends up being a success. At least it already has a target audience to convince according to the GitHub repository. Will Fenix be able to do it?